Amanda Catarzi

I teach leaders, teams, and organizations how to find their true voice and step into their power.
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A true survivor and fighter

Amanda had an unconventional upbringing and endured numerous types of abuse in her early 20’s. Instead of remaining a victim and crippled by her abusive past, Amanda dedicated over 8 years of her life to social work and rediscovering her own power while helping others find theirs. Through her years of working with victims of abuse, Amanda gained key insight on what it takes to build mental resiliency, develop emotional intelligence, and create a clear and impactful message.

Not your average
keynote speaker

All work is social work

Ideas and strategy are easy. It’s when you add in humans that things get messy because humans are messy. But business requires humans to work. Finding creative ways to navigate the mess of humans is what will make you successful.


Everyone experiences their own trauma, their own hard. It’s what you do with that experience that counts. Will you let it crush you or, will you seize the opportunity to become the victor?

Stepping forward when others step back

How do you stand out above all the noise and chaos in your industry? By being authentic. Might sound simple, but for most, begin authentic takes courage, clarity, and determination.

About Amanda Catarzi

Keynote speaker | Sex trafficking survivor

Amanda was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. She was a fiery child with a keen sense of business. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the early age of 8 years old, baking bread and making soap to sell at her church. 

While trying to find her way in the world as a college student, Amanda found herself in a few dangerous and highly abusive situations that she was forced to quite literally fight her way out of.

Fast forward to her mid 20’s and Amanda dived head first into social work with a desire to use her past tough experiences as a catalyst for good. She busted trafficking rings, worked with and trained local law enforcement, counseled the NZ government, wrote federal legislation, and helped saved countless victims, domestic and abroad.

Amanda now runs a successful content and copywriting agency called Inkery Co. where she and her team gives badass brands the content, copy, and aggressive marketing strategies they need to increase sales and impact.

“It’s one thing to speak about a subject, it’s another thing to live it. Amanda speaks from a deep place of personal experience and passion, I highly recommend her for your next event.”

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